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They were forced to build a castle and once they were finished the kings and queens used their powers to create a barrier trapping Krampus and his minions for thousands of years.

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His elves have evolved over the centuries becoming Dark Elves; Krampus had made sure of that since he was immortal. But as the centuries passed Krampus has grown much wiser in the ways of his evil powers and the barrier trapping him and his army weakens over time and he eventually becomes aware of Randolph and his powers. Knowing that Randolph was destined to defeat him he sends five monsters outside his kingdom to kill him.

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Krampus is beyond evil, selfish, lying, violent, bad-tempered, manipulative, abhorrent, abusive, cold-blooded, wicked, egocentric, ruthless, murderous, unremorseful, vengeful, irredeemable, psychopathic, cowardly, cruel, black hearted, greedy, soulless, sadistic, misanthropic, atrocious and willing to harm anybody even his own allies. Krampus can make a deal and never keep his end of the bargain.

In his eyes his allies are nothing but slaves doing his dirty work and is willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals and he disposes anyone who he has no further use for in cold blood and without regret.

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  6. Krampus is not able to feel emotion and he has total disregard for life. He is the self-proclaimed King of the Cold Darkness. Krampus powers are so great that he can change into a much more hideous monster.

    Because of his powers he is also capable of flight, levitation, using the powers of the monsters he sends to kill Randolph, change species into different species or inanimate objects, teleportation, freezing his victims and make them age inside, corrupting others and giving them powers, alter reality, creating maps for his minions, fire beams of darkness from his hands, lift his castle in the air and use it as a weapon and freeze anything in its path, enter other people and creatures' nightmares, contact with villains outside his kingdom even from Hell, and foretell who can become evil and make it happen.

    His powers come from the evils of the darkness and there seems to be no limit of the evil and depravity of which he is capable of. He is impervious to the cold and he hates the light.

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    His ultimate goal is to freeze the world and blot out the light so he can create and control a cold dark world with him as its ruler. The source of his strongest power, turning into a much more hideous monster, is his horns.

    And being a creature of darkness he is weak against the light. Load All Images. Prev Next.


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