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According to the festival's website: 'Under the auspices of Father Sky and Mother Earth, the strongest shamans from Russia, CIS Commonwealth of Independent States and abroad, their followers and all the participants of the festival will make shamanic mysteries and create joint good wishes to open a White Road to the world of harmony for all the earth.

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Their practices and appearances are similar to Native Americans, who are believed to have originated from Siberia. A study of the mutations indicated a lineage shift between 13, and 14, years ago - when people are thought to have walked across the frozen Bering Strait from Russia to America. This roughly coincides with the period when humans from Siberia are thought to have crossed what is now the Bering strait and entered America.

Among the people who may have emerged from the Altai region are the predecessors of the first Native Americans. The practitioners often enter a trance-like state during the rituals while performing divination or healing. Many of the ceremonies originated in prehistory.

Tiger rituals and beliefs in shamanic Tungus-Manchu cultures

The shamans began the sacred festival by going to different locations in the mountains for three days of meditation and spiritual ceremonies. The shamans bang drums together as they walk around a campfire in southeastern Siberia. The area is believed to have been chosen because it's spiritually 'charged'. A member of the group throws what appears to be seeds into the air during one of the ceremonies while wearing colourful robes.

When the photographer arrived, a group of locals brought out a cow to slaughter so they could feed them. He was not allowed to capture the aftermath. They tied the animal's nose and mouth with a rope before killing it in a remote part of the Siberian mountains. Una decifrazione del sabba , footnote 1 which is appearing now, a few years after the Italian edition, in Japanese translation.

Instead of summarizing my book in its final form, I prefer to invite my listeners to read it by speaking of the preliminary researches which allowed me to write it. I should like to recount the road—the somewhat tortuous road—which brought me, albeit metaphorically, from north-east Italy where my research into witchcraft had begun, to the steppes of central Asia. To tell the story of the itinerary of a piece of research when it has already reached its conclusion even if it is a case, by definition, of a provisional conclusion always—as is obvious—carries with it a risk: that of teleology.

In retrospect the uncertainties and mistakes disappear or else are transformed into steps of a stair that leads straight to the goal: the historian knows from the beginning what he wants, seeks it and in the end finds it. But in real research things do not go like that at all.

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