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MS Freiburg i. I ff. De Virtutibus : Eight manuscripts. Work contrasts pagan with theological virtues. I 86 ff.

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A latin sermon, divided in three parts, on the new paradise of spiritual life, with recourse to Pseudo-Dionysius. De Penis Inferni : Seventeen manuscripts. Karlsruhe, St. Petrus im Schwarzwald 40 ff. Is directed against false philosophical views on reincarnation and spiritual interpretations of the pains of Hell. De Quinque Sensibus : Ten manuscripts. The work deals in seven parts with the properties of the human body and the human soul, and with the use of the five senses in heaven. German fashion in five manuscripts.

Amounts to a short sermon on virginity. De Premio Patrie : Three manuscripts. A collection of sermons and quaestiones on the condition of the beati in Heaven their visio beatifica, corporal and soulish qualities of their condition etc. De Horto Spirituali : Four manuscripts. Seven sermons on the theme Veniat dilectus. I F ff. Short treatise on the causes of human feelings and free will. Also contains apolemics against the begards.

Mischa von Perger, in: Wissenschaft und Weisheit 66 , Many of Marquart's texts were excerpted and translated into other vernaculars, including Middle Dutch. This manuscript, probably made in the Antwerp Augustinian monastery of Facons, which was part of the Modern Devotion movement, contains on ff.

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Dat is, Sich aen ende doe naden exemplaer. Die dat nu metten salighen moyses aensiende is den beel denaer alre volcomenheit. Studies and Texts , ed. Jan A. Armutskonzepte der franziskanischen Ordensfamilie vom Mittelalter bis in die Gegenwart , ed. Calabrian friar. Took the entry exam at the Collegium Sancti Bonaventurae in Rome at an early age in Afterwards, following the completion of his studies in Rome in , he was first regent at the Palermo gymnasium, and later lector of philosophy in Messina, and regent lector of theology in the studia of Palermo, Genoa, Ferrara and Milan.

Subsequently, he became regent at the Collegium S. Anthonii of Malta. Guardian of the major conventual Naples friary between and , and on 27 April he was elected provincial minister of the Calabria province. Elected custus custodiarum at the general chapter of , and shortly thereafter he held teaching positions at the Collegium S.

Bonaventurae Professor of dogmatic theology and at the Sapienza in Rome professor of ecclesiastical history. Nominated as minister general by Clement X in September and confirmed in He held this position until Made Archbishop of Nazareth in , with Barletta as episcopal residence.

Ciccarelli, Spanish friar from the St. John the Baptist province.

Travelled to the Philippines in In the same year, he moved on to China, establishing himself as provincial commissioner in Huy-Hien. After thirty years of pastoral work, he was called back to Mexico by the general commissioner of the Franciscan mission, maybe because of issues pertaining to the Chinese rites. He departed for London, where he fell ill.

There he died early in the Portuguese ambassadorial compounds. Author of several letters and an apologetic missionary history.

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Lapis Caliminaris. This work, supposedly written in Chinese characters, is mentioned by Juan de San Antonio.

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Engelse minderbroeder, theoloog. Questiones Supplementariae in I Sent. Wadding, Scriptores. Studien ,19 , ; F. Clemente 51 ff. Already mentioned as a bachelor in Paris in Glorieux II, Wrote quodlibetal questions between and these appear in the notebook of Prosper of Reggio Emilia. A list of questions of two Quodlibetal series is provided by Duba, pp.

William J. The Fourteenth Century , ed. Chris Schabel Leiden-Boston: Brill, , Tratado contra los Jesuitas []: Madrid, Nac. Guardian of the Valladolid friary in Known for a sermon on the immaculate conception of Mary during that year in the collegiate church of the town, whoch became the starting point of a severe conflict with the Dominicans in Castile.

Madrid, VII, nos. Member of the Rhine province. Joined the order in After his noviciate, he studied philosophy and theology from onwards and he was ordained in Following his studies, he became lector of philosophy at the studium of Mainz In , his lectorate position ended and he became predominantly active as pastoral worker and religious-ascetical author with works for priests and confessors and for the laity. Once back in the Rhine province, he focused in particular on Mass explications. Written while still working as a lector during the plague epidemic in Mainz.

Das kleine Leben Christi. Josephs und Joachims: und der H. Several editions. Frankfurt am. Main: Joannis Melchior Bencard, This edition, as well as a number of later editions were accessible via Google Books. The Augsburg edition and the Sulzbach edition are accessible via Google Books. Many editions and translations all the way up to the 20th cent. Several of these, such as the Augsburg edition, are accessible via Google Books.

Der Myrrhengarten: E. Gebet- u.

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Libellus Benedictionum Et Exorcismorum: In quo Efficacissimae Benedictiones tam sacrarum quam profanarum rerum et Terribiles Exorcismi ad varia maleficia tam ab hominibus quam pecoribus et locis infestis depellenda continentur. Maximiliani ab Eynatten, Circulo aureo P. Francisci, Maria de Capellis, Thesauro et ex Nucleo Benedictionum Constantiae impresso excerptus, et in hanc commodiorem formam, praxi et ordinem redactus Frankfurt a. Verbesserte Legend der Heiligen. Many editions, several of which, like the Augsburg edition, are available via Google Books.

Coellen: Peter Langenberg, There are many editions of this work, all the way up to the 20th century. Several of these, including the editio princeps, are accessible via digital platforms like that of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and Google Books.

Many editions, several of which are available via Google Books. More info will follow. Johannes Chrysostomos Schulte, P. Martin von Cochem, โ€”, sein Leben und seine Schriften [unedited manuscript kept in Archiv d. Was ist das Gebet? Zeugnisse aus acht Jahrhunderten , ed. Paul Zahner, Munich-St. Tod- und Jehnseitsvorstellungen im Miscellanea di studi offerti a Servus Gieben inoccasione del suo 80 o compleanno , ed. Yoannes Teklemariam Rome: Ed. Franciscan missionary, historian and ethnographer, active in Latin America.