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Got coupons? Try to spend in cash Keep strictly to your budget by withdrawing only the cash you have planned to spend. Use your local community Local charity and second hand shops are a great way to reduce Christmas shopping spend, while supporting your local community and differentiating your present buying.

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Auctions and local markets offer a good way to pick up something a bit different and give back to your community. Make a list and stick to it Shopping on impulse is usually a recipe for overspending. Compare first Take your time. Don't overspend on food Yes, we know it's all about the food, but unless you're entertaining 20 people, you don't need a pound turkey.

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Avoid paying for shipping To avoid paying for shipping and delivery, try to buy directly from shops and not online. Plan your travel in advance Don't wait until the last minute to book train or plane tickets. Look locally online Local freecycle communities and eBay listings that specify "collect in person" are great for finding bargains. Shorten your gifting list It might be a good idea to limit your gift-giving to only the closest friends and relatives.

Let social media help you Coupons, offers for new customers, flash sales: social media is a great place to hunt for bargains. Read more. This is the first time that this type of information has been made available to the New Zealand. Detailed research by Mindful Money has brought radical transparency to KiwiSaver. Secondly, the government should legislate. This is particularly the case, since KiwiSaver also benefits from government money in the form of the subsidy that the government provides for KiwiSaver investors.

KiwiSaver funds should also be prohibited from investing in human rights violations, including slave labour, environmental destruction and fossil fuels. There is a particular duty of care towards the public for default funds, where members of the public are not choosing a fund, but are allocated to a fund. Thirdly, the regulations should be tightened.

'What a damn joke': Garner rips into Peters over KiwiSaver Bill

It could be interpreted that KiwiSaver providers are in breach of the legislation in investing in cluster munitions, but the prohibition should clearly apply to all three categories of weapons, and cover investments other than the KiwiSaver scheme. Use it ethically. Tuesday, November 26, To get hold of them, we have two options:. Fork out the full amount ourselves which can be very expensive ; or.

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Most good insurance companies will cover the cost of non-Pharmac drugs, which can literally be the difference between life and death. And for how much?

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Or, if you would like to learn a bit more about medical insurance, you can chat to one of our financial advisers. Remember, their help is free. As always, the content below is meant as general information to give you a better understanding of this topic, and is subject to our terms and conditions. You should seek appropriate personalised financial advice from a qualified professional to suit your individual circumstances.

Never heard of it? Fair enough. The purpose of this blog is to:. Help you understand why it is so valuable, so that hopefully you can take advantage of its key benefits, and make it a part of your long-term financial future. In return, they receive interest. There are other ways to earn interest, for example term deposits.

Compound interest is pretty simple. Each time you are paid interest, just leave it in the account. You earned interest on your interest. This might not sound like much. Compound interest shines the longer you leave it. Start early, save regularly — Save small amounts often. A lot of the time, saving small amounts earlier in life will have a greater impact than saving larger amounts later on.

Get excited about the numbers! But the rule of 72 is an easy tool you can use to figure out how your savings or investments can grow with compound interest.

GUEST BLOG: Barry Coates – Nukes with your KiwiSaver? | The Daily Blog

Simply divide the number 72 by the interest rate. The answer shows how many years it will take for your money to double. Unfortunately, compounding interest can work against us as well, making it more difficult to pay off debt. The longer it takes us to repay debt that charges interest, the more we ultimately end up paying. If you do have debt such as credit cards or pay day loans, compound interest can work against you. To work out how much you will pay over the lifetime of the loan, check out this debt calculator.

So, there you have it.