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Employers are looking for several qualities. They want employees who will fit in socially, stick around and not cause trouble. But most importantly, the employer wants to be sure that you can solve the problems they face. In these cases, like Teach for America or many government jobs, you have to jump through the hoops. Maximise your chances by finding out exactly what the process involves, and practising exactly that.

Some public service organisations publish the rubrics they use to assess candidates. The most useful thing you can do is find someone who recently went through the process, ask them how it works, and, if possible, practice the key steps with them. Sometimes there are books written about exactly how to apply.

Job Search Advice for Over 50 Year Olds

Skip ahead to the interview tips. The most powerful way to prove you can do the work is to actually do some of it. It demonstrates a lot of enthusiasm, and most people hardly know anything about the role they are applying for.

If the employer is on the fence, you can offer to do a two or four week trial period, perhaps at reduced pay or as an intern. Working in a nearby position gives you the opportunity to prove your motivation and cultural fit. Prepare your three key selling points ahead of meetings. For instance: 1 I have done this work successfully before, 2 I am really excited about this company, 3 I have suggestions for what I could work on. Prepare concrete facts and stories to back up your three key messages.

He needed to build a website in 24 hours, so we pulled an all-nighter to build it. The next day we got 1, sign-ups. Stories and concrete details are far more memorable than abstract claims. Work out how to sum up what you have to offer in a sentence. Having a short, vivid summary makes it easy for other people to promote you on your behalf. Prepare answers to the most likely questions.

5 Tips to Improve Job Search Focus and Productivity

Write them out, then practice saying them out loud. The following three questions normally come up: 1 Tell me about yourself — this is an opportunity to tell the story of why you want this position and mention one or two achievements 2 Why do you want this position? Then usually the interviewer will add some behavioural questions about the traits they care most about. Practice the meeting, from start to finish. Meet with a friend and have them ask you five interview questions, then practice responding quickly.

To learn more about sales, our top recommendation is SPIN selling , which is based on in-depth research by Neil Rackman. Most people are so happy to get a job, or awkward about the idea of negotiating, that they never try. But ten minutes of negotiation could mean major benefits over the next couple of years.

The 25 Key Ideas In The Book 10,000,000 People Have Bought

So actually consider doing it. For instance, you could ask the employer to match your donations to charity. That could mean thousands of dollars of extra donations per year, making those ten minutes you took to negotiate among the most productive of your life. You could also negotiate to work on a certain team, have more flexible hours, work remotely, or learn certain skills. All of these could make a big difference to your day-to-day happiness and career capital. Negotiation is not always appropriate.

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However, we think negotiation should be tried in most cases once you have an offer. Hiring someone takes months and consumes lots of management time. The top candidate is often significantly better than the next best. Negotiation should be most strongly considered when you have more than one good offer, because then you have a strong fallback position.

The idea is to look for objective metrics and win-win solutions — can you give up something the employer cares about in exchange for something you care about? For instance:. Lots has been written about salary negotiation, so this hardly scratches the surface. Ramit Sethi also has tips 14 minute video and free pdf guide in exchange for newsletter sign up. Once you start the job, try to perform as well as possible, and then negotiate again.

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Just bear in mind, most companies have a standard review process, so wait until then to make your ask. And you may have to do most of it alone. It makes online dating look easy. For example, set a really specific goal like speaking to five people each week until you have an offer, publicly commit to the goal, and promise to make a forfeit if you miss it. We know one job seeker who, although he is liberal, promised to donate to the Trump campaign if he missed his goal. Check in on progress, and share tips and leads. Alternatively, find someone who was recently successful at a similar hunt and is willing to meet up and give you tips.

To get more practical tips on how to motivate yourself, check out the book The Motivation Hacker by Nick Winter.

5 Tips to Improve Job Search Focus and Productivity

And we have another article that lists evidence-based ways to stay happy, productive and motivated. Go to our career reviews and scroll to the end of the profile to see customised advice for each type of job. The most important thing you can do to put yourself in a better position is to gain more connections, so you can get better referrals. We have tips on that here and in the next article.

How to Stay Positive While Job Hunting

Also focus on developing strong skills and crushing it in your work. The best marketing is word of mouth — employers seeking you out rather than the other way around. Read our article on career capital to find out how to never have to job hunt again. And that will make sure you fulfil your potential to find a satisfying career and contribute to the world. Try to be as specific as possible. Some good examples: complete an online course in statistics; follow up with my boss at my last internship; read my top-recommended problem profile.

The key steps probably involve speaking to people. When are you going to do each of these? No time right now? Take a break. Search for:.

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You're reading our old career guide. Read our key ideas series. Are you getting to the interview stage and then getting passed over for positions? What about your cover letter? Is it generic, or edited for each position? Take the time to customize your application, and you should see results right away. Practice can help you work out the kinks so that you can get hired for the job that you want.

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