Manual Crisis of Rome: The Jugurthine and Northern Wars and the Rise of Marius

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Upon his return he received a triumph a ceremony to celebrate a victorious military commander , during which Jugurtha was paraded through the city in chains. The Romans then had the Numidian king starved to death. Marius then reorganised the Roman Army in preparation for meeting the huge Germanic migration.

He focused heavily on discipline and training, making them practice long marches and ensuring that every soldier carried his own baggage.

That same year, Marius was elected consul prior for the first time. Who was the greatest European ever? Dan talks to Lindsay Powell to find out. Listen Now. Marius then defeated the Cimbri at Vercellae.

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His victory at Vercellae resulted in the total destruction of the German migration and the end of the Cimbric War. This was followed by a rise in the status of Marius and the plebs and a decline in the popularity of the patricians nobility. Divisions began to form between the people who loved Marius and the patricians who hated him. A bust of Mithridates VI. The Italians set up their headquarters at Corfinum and were soon able to field an army of , men.

The law granted Roman citizenship to the Italians who had not taken up arms against Rome in the Social War. It is likely, however, that the offer was also extended to the Italian rebels so long as they laid down their arms. The concession was a major breakthrough for the Italians. Historian and archaeologist Simon Elliott answers the key questions surrounding one of history's most compelling figures - Julius Caesar.

Following the concession, the Roman armies β€” one of which was commanded by Sulla β€” began inflicting defeats on the remaining Italians. This was meant as a political move to gain the support of the Greeks in Asia Minor who had become disillusioned with their Roman counterparts. Marius, on the other hand, gained little, despite having played a crucial role in the War.

Sulla, however, refused to give up control of his 35, strong army and went on to take Rome and defeats Marius. The latter, by then aged 70, fled to Africa where he famously despaired of his misfortunes amid the ruins of Carthage.

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Marius died on 13 January, just 17 days into his seventh consulship. Sulla captured Athens, sacked the city and slaughtered most of the citizens supporting Mithridates. Dan finds out what's going on with recent excavations at Vindolanda, one of the largest Roman forts near Hadrian's Wall. All manner of discoveries have been made, including the largest collection of Roman footwear found anywhere in the world. Following the battle, Mithridates and Sulla began to discuss peace terms. The Battle of Sacriportus occurred between the forces of Young Marius and the battle-hardened legions of Sulla.

In the ensuing fight, Sulla defeated Marius, who consequently fled to Praeneste. Sulla then duly besieged the city. Gnaeus Carbo attempted to lift the Siege of Praeneste but failed and fled to Africa.

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Realising all hope was lost, Marius the Younger committed suicide before Praeneste fell. Sulla emerged victorious in a battle outside Rome at the Colline Gate β€” a last ditch attack by supporters of Marius to capture Rome. His success marked the end of the Civil War on the Italian mainland.

Sulla massacred 8, prisoners with darts. Pompey was dispatched with an army to recover Sicily and North Africa from the Marian remnants. While at Lilybaeum in Sicily, he was presented with a captured Gnaeus Carbo who he duly put to death. Fernando Oliveira's Art of War at Sea : a pioneering treatise on naval strategy. The intellectual energy and theatrical skill required to conceive and carry out a brand-new dramatization, whether from an extant English translation of Sallust or from the original Latin, would have been considerable, for the Jugurthine history is a long, dense and detailed account of political maneuvering and military campaigning during the Roman Republic.

Lost and found: William Boyle's Jugurth. In transit visibility: a tool to enhancing the military decision-making process. The major strength of Matthew's work is how he describes the Marian reforms as linked to specific military challenges, such as the Jugurthine and the German Wars. Translation of Sallust: The Jugurthine war; the conspiracy of Catiline.

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