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They eventually stopped and pulled a white sheet over her body. The shootings made the day the bloodiest in Louisville since at least July 5, , when four people were killed, and Oct. Summer died of cancer Thursday morning in Naples, Fla. Her glittery gowns and long eyelashes. Elton John said in a statement that Summer was more than the Queen of Disco. But Casablanca Records president Neil Bogart liked the track so much that he suggested to producer Giorgio Moro- dor they re-record it, and make it longer.

MAY Shop now! Public member Public member Excellence, social media and building Setting youngsters on the right learning path early often can lead to long-term academic success. The decision by Elizabethtown Police Department to become part of the social media craze of Facebook and Twitter is a good one. The women helped build a shed and placed siding on the home. Considering the scale of this proposal, it is normal to have public input to help produce such a building.


County government has been in its current location since the s and nearly 99 percent of our county judges and officials have confirmed that the current location is the right choice. It is very helpful and efficient for various government offices and court systems to remain close to each other and agencies such as our judicial center will remain downtown in the years to come.

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To build in other locations would be a net loss by tearing down more than it builds up, but to build a new facility downtown would help create a center which better reflects the greater stature of our county. Bryan believes that every issue needs a champion, and I have seen his passion and energy. We served together as student body officials at Western Kentucky University and I am glad he launched a self-funded campaign for public office. Bryan called for reform and helped lead efforts to revise campus policies and oversee new initiatives.

The News Enterprise May 18, 2012

The Kentucky General Assembly is gridlocked due to partisanship and ridiculous feuds. Submitted letters must be original works directed to the editor and submitted by the writer, and address one topic. Personal attacks are not allowed. Submit letters to: W. Calls are limited to 1 minute. This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board Email to letters thenewsenterprise. Jim Waters is president of the Bluegrass Institute. Reach him at jwaters freedom kentucky. Other articles reflect the views of their authors.

If you have a question, you can reach us at Or at our mailing address: W. Chris Ordway. Terry Tucker, Ret. Mail: W. Elizabethtown Email: letters thenews enterprise. Filibusters a! And it has real consequences for real people. And the Founders would hate it. Today, the arguments are essentially the same. Only the positions have changed.

But who can forget the high drama of the th and th Congresses? Bush's judges languished in senatorial purgatory. After the election, Republicans had enough seats to drop the Big One. Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service. It was clear he regarded that as a bad thing. The Constitution was not created just to limit government, after all, but to empower government to actually take action when needed. The Senate is dearly allowed to make its own mles. Colton Jessie Chicago, Ill. SI29 Ponliac Crand AM. If Ml IT Croud Marquis LK.

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S Tahue LT 4s Suburban I. T 4x Some customers will not qualify. No3 available muh seme otnet atfers See deafer lor detede. Her two boys also live with us. Donna then told me she has some issues with the way Sara behaves at times. However, this does point up Donna has not warmed to Sara as much as she might have and you might wish she had. I love my mother, but she puts very little effort into how she looks. She goes out wearing sweats and no bra.

Sometimes I try to help her by picking out her outfits for the week, but she gets mad when I say anything about her no-bra rule.

Maybe I am, but I want her to meet people and go on dates. It feels like she has no pride in what she looks like. Write Dear Abby at www. Box , Los Angeles, CA Universal Press Syndicate. Wallace: I need to start exercising. She swims almost every day, and she has a beautiful figure. What do you suggest?

Almost every muscle gets a workout.


Of course, not everyone has access to a pool, especially when the weather is cool. Jogging on grass or a school track also is an excellent form of exercise and no special skill is required. A one-hour ride burns about of those nasty calories. Get started exercising in the pool very soon. Two months after Zack left town, I met Phil and we started seeing a lot of each other, and now we are dating regularly.

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Last week Zack moved back home. It seems that he got into a huge fight with his stepmother in Florida so his dad fired him. I talked with Zack on the telephone yesterday, and he said that he still loves me and wants to get back together with me. What should I do? Email Dr. Robert Wallace at rwallace galesburg. Because Lancaster was a pharmacist, the book cho- library sen in his memory related well. Naylor was a registered nurse and the book chosen by her family is a fiction book about a woman who was a nurse during World War II.

Grimes and Adam C. Underwood, both of Hodgenville. The wedding is at 2 p. May 19, , at Gospel of Grace Baptist Church in Hodgenville with a reception to follow at the church. All friends and relatives are invited to attend. Listings not updated within a year are removed.

To update or submit a calendar entry, email calendars thenews enterprise. Main St.